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This is the original Ubuntu Guide. It was started in December 2005, just after the release of Ubuntu Breezy Badger (in October 2005).

It is the only help manual and instruction guide that has been updated for each release of Ubuntu. Started by Chua Wen Kiat of Malaysia, it has been hosted at the Linux Center of the University of Latvia for the past several years.

There are many poor imitations (including some who have even copied the name UbuntuGuide), but none come close to the clarity and breadth of this guide.

Ubuntu Guide (and Kubuntu Guide) have been used as a model by the official Ubuntu / Kubuntu documentation team and has been incorporated into their documentation over the past several years.

However, because Ubuntu Guide has long been edited by the community (unlike the official Ubuntu / Kubuntu documentation until very recently), it was and is updated more frequently and has tips that are often more tailored to each release of Ubuntu.

The current primary editor (of form and grammar, not content) for the English version of both Ubuntu Guide and Kubuntu Guide for almost 3 years is Perspectoff, a software and hospital systems and healthcare consultant in California, USA. The current maintainer of the site is Krampo.

There is no primary author of the site, however, as it is a collaborative wiki.

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