Fedora frog



What is it?

Fedora Frog is GUI install script that jumps your Fedora Core 5 to life in no time... Fedora Frog supports 32 bit installations, some parts may work also on 64 bit installations.

You can take a look at some screnshots: [shot1] [shot2] [shot3] [shot4]

What can it do for me?

Fedora Frog can:

  • Install extra repositories [RPMForge]
Note: Not all repositories are mutually compatible. See the Warning mixing repositories
  • Install GUI frontend for yum [yumex]
  • Install commonly needed multimedia codecs
  • Install DVD playback capability
  • Install Java JRE and its plugin for Firefox
Note: You will have to accept Sun's licence
  • Install Macromedia Flash plugin for Firefox
Note: You need to restart Firefox after installation
  • Install extra fonts (including msttcorefonts)
  • Install graphics drivers for nVidia and ATI cards
Note: You should restart your computer after the installation
  • Install Gnome Configuration Editor
  • Install numlockx to turn on NumLock on startup
  • Set up Gnome to open System Monitor every time you push Alt-Ctrl-Del
  • Disable CD blocking in CD-ROM
  • Set up Nautilus to open new folders in the same window
  • Install rar archiver
  • Install Adobe PDF reader
Note: This is not necessery to read PDF documents, you can read them using Evince too.
  • Install Gwenview and digiKam imageviewers
  • Install XMMS (analog of Winamp)
  • Install amaroK media player
  • Install stream directory browser Streamtuner
  • Install CD ripper Grip
  • Install Xine, VLC, Mplayer multimedia players
  • Install RealPlayer 10
  • Install Skype
  • Install Thunderbird e-mail client
  • Install Liferea RSS reader
  • Install Opera web browser
  • Install CD/DVD burning utility K3b
  • Install FTP utility gFTP
  • Install File share utility DC++
  • Install P2P BitTorrent client Azureus
  • Install P2P eMule Client aMule
  • Install P2P Gnutella Client LimeWire
  • Install KDE Edutainment programms
  • Install Photo-realistic nightsky renderer Stellarium
  • Install Some additional games
  • Install Alacarte Gnome menu editor
  • Install Shortcut to browse files as root
  • Install Some desktop backgrounds, icons, themes and screensavers
Note: Try changing your desktop background and look in Theme Details of System -> Preferences -> Theme
  • Install fortune and make Gnome Fish-applet to use it

Note: It is recomended to run update before you run Fedora Frog

How do I get it?

To install Fedora Frog run these commands in terminal [Applications -> Ststem Tools -> Terminal ]

wget -c http://easylinux.info/uploads/frog.tar.gz
tar zxvf frog.tar.gz -C ~

To run Fedora Frog run:

xterm -e ~/.frog/frog.run

Note! It is recommended to update your system before you run Fedora Frog. Type the command:

su -c "yum update" -

and enter the root password when prompted. BTW, this is "recommended".

Where does it install itself / Where to see how it works?

Fedora Frog installs itself in ".frog" folder in your Home directory Note, that ".frog" folder is hidden folder. To see hidden folders push Ctrl + H or go View -> Show Hidden Files

What do you plan for the future?

  • Upgrade the way you install Fedora Frog
  • Make it to work for KDE, XFCE [maybe]
  • Add some more programs, tweaks, etc...

What can I do to help?

Well First of all you can try it out and give me some feedback, what's good and what should be improved. You can also tell your friends about Fedora Frog. If you have some idea or something that you would like to see in this script or contribute to it let me know. [orvils-at-gmail-dot-com] If you have an account at EasyLinux.info you can post your commets also on talk page or post your comments in FedoraForum.org

What about FC4?

If you are using Fedora Core 4 use these commands to obtain Fedora Frog

wget -c http://easylinux.info/uploads/frog-fc4.tar.gz
tar zxvf frog-fc4.tar.gz -C ~

Run Fedora Frog by

xterm -e ~/.frog/frog.run


What is zenity and where to get it

If you have problems with zenity try as root (su -)

yum install zenity

tar: C: Not found in archive


tar zxvf frog.tar.gz
xterm -e .frog/frog.run