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Usually Linux users know that, but my idea is to guide how example Laxarus, WineCVS install.

Would it be evil of me to go ahead and change all the "apt-get" references to "aptitude"? It is a better method, especially when you want to get rid of anything, it leaves you with no orphan libraries.

apt-get vs aptitude

yeah, i've thought about how everybody uses apt-get when aptitude just makes more sense, to me at least. on one machine, i've actually sym linked apt-get to aptitude so i can copy and paste code. does anyone see any reason to not just always use aptitude instead of apt-get? hmm, i just found one small thing - when you type sudo apt-get install [program that is already installed] apt-get gives a nice message, program_name is already the newest version. aptitude, for the same command, just says No packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed which could make a newbie wonder if they typed it right at all...

I third the opinion of changing "apt-get" to "aptitude" --UnbreakableMJ 09:57, 25 September 2006 (EEST)